2016: Sucking Stones

At this month-long solo exhibition at Amsterdam’s Looiersgracht 60 gallery, Amie Dicke presented some of her newest works within the walls of this former cardboard and bottling plant – a building whose layered identity she referenced.
The site-specific installation ‘Closed Eyes’ saw Dicke create a delicate and precarious landscape by covering open books and magazines with large quantities of flesh-coloured foundation. Sentences were largely illegible under the powder, but the obliteration of some of the words gave unexpected emphasis and resonance to others, and the publications were rendered touchingly human.
The juxtaposition of intimacy and confrontation was encapsulated in the piece '38 and a half' with its book pages depicting two images of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa meeting halfway.

Download interview: Amie Dicke ‘Sucking Stones’: A studio visit with Amelia Groom

38 and a half, 2016

38 and a half, 2016

Closed Eyes, installation with books covered with foundation powder, 2016

Closed Eyes detail, 2016

Subway, abrasion on archival print, 2016

Subway, sandpaper abrasion on archival print, 2016

Detail Closed Eyes, 2016

Protection, Vintage sculpture with clay, 2008

Closed Eyes detail, 2016

Fade, found book cover close up, 2008

Overview Sucking Stones at Looiersgracht 60, 2016

Worktable detail

I'll be your Mirror, mirror with insulation tape, 2010

All Ears, magazine with nail, 2012